It was like a scene from a black and white noir film: it was pouring outside, one of those springlike torrential rains that dripped in through every crevice. I sprinted from the J/Z subway exit (which fortunately was right by the Bowery Ballroom's entrance) and stepped into a smokey jazz club. Only it wasn't quite jazzy, it wasn't black and white either, but it was definitely smokey. Making my way through the crowd towards the stage I watched as eddies of smoke snaked and curled in the air, like a finger beckoning you to come forth, come and watch something spectacular.

This film noir was about to get a dose of very modern and colorful sounds. Shura stepped on stage and it was a frazzle of nervous excitement. The crowd, anxiously awaiting her appearance, lost it. What followed was a wondrous exploration of sounds, colors, and how many songs an album can contain with one single theme: Liking someone and them not liking you back.

Oh, and we, as a crowd, had the magnificent honor of being the first ever crowd Shura surfed. So there's that.

Shura at Bowery Ballroom